The vision of Alana Mays Creative is to create artwork that people will want to surround themselves around because it will resonate with them and uplift their spirit. The mission is to create beautiful, inspirational and edifying artwork as well as to transform clients projects into aesthetically pleasing visual pieces which will be even more delightful than how they had envisioned them.

Alana Mays is an enthusiastic and experienced Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in the Wairarapa/Wellington region, New Zealand. Her main passions are Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography as well as a new love for videography.

She has more than three years experience in the Creative industry and a four year Bachelor of Design degree in Visual Communication Design. She has outstanding design and layout skills as well as effective time management skills and copes well under pressure.

From a young age Alana has had a strong love for drawing & painting. Her favourite subject matter is female portraiture, fashion and fantasy illustrations. She achieves this through the combined use of digital and traditional mediums. She is constantly experimenting with new mediums and techniques and likes to challenge herself with different subjects. As much as she is still inlove with pencils and brushes, she is equally drawn to software and it's endless capabilities. 




Design Taxi



Wairarapa Midweek 





I am the head Graphic Designer at MCC. My duties consist of re-branding and producing promotional material for the churches weekly events and groups.


I was contracted to help the senior designers out during their busy period. I updated flyers, certificates, invitations, registration forms and more.


My role was an information assistant volunteer. My main duties were providing information to customers as well as producing Graphic Design for the Events Centre.


I completed a Web design internship where I expanded my knowledge and picked up a new skill set. My task was to design and build my own website using Drupal.


I volunteered to help the art director out with designing logos, flyers and any other promotional material.



"We approached Alana in 2014 to create a new logo for the company. She was very efficient right from the start, as we explained we needed it within a few days. She was very professional to work with and her design ideas were fresh and modern. I would highly recommend her to others and will be using her skills again in the future".

Loren Shields, Tasman Helicopters.

"Alana was a great person to get to design our youth logo. After hearing my mix of ideas she was able to pick up what we were wanting and put a few concepts together better than I could have thought. It was relevant and fitting to what the logo was representing. I have also used her for many advertising flyers which have all been wonderful and I would defiantly use her again and recommend her".

Nadine Hampson, MCC church.

"Alana worked on a number of things for us including logo design, she is very creative and came up with some very cool concepts, she took feedback well and was willing to go the extra mile to produce something the client loved at the very first viewing - love it when that happens!"

Haley Lowe, Lime-Red Design.